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At Wayside Farm, established in 1981, we grow interesting and unusual flowering plants, producing a unique selection of  fine quality annuals and hardy perennials as well as the old favorites so well loved by many gardeners. We grow and sell over a thousand varieties of plants on location at our greenhouses in North Sandwich, New Hampshire.

We will be open for business on April 21. Weare been busy planting, seeding, transplanting, and getting the greenhouses and outside areas ready for our customers. Our plant lists on the various pages provide as complete an inventory as possible of the varieties available at the Farm. Visit the "Our History'' page to learn more about us and our commitment to providing you with the very best quality plants.


Our selection of hostas and daylilies is extensive, to say the least. Hostas range in size from small, window box size plants great for a container pot or small planting area to large foliage plants that will enhance any shady area.

In our Shrub zone, we have an excellent selection of Mountain Laurels, Kalmia latifolia, a broadleaved evergreen shrub in the heather family, native to the eastern US. It is noted for its excellent spring flowers and quality year round foliage. It typically grows as a dense rounded shrub to 5-15’ tall, opening up and developing gnarly branches with age.




Updated 02/06/18.