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Daylilies (Hemerocallis) can survive many harsh conditions that other plants cannot including: polluted city environments, slopes, poor and dry soils, near pavement that is salted in winter, and under Black Walnut trees (not affected by juglone). They are relatively heat and drought tolerant. Read Ben's handy instructions for successul planting of daylilies:
Daylily Planting Guide
Please be aware that these lists comprise plants that we order from sources around the world in seed or unrooted cuttings; sometimes items from our orders are unavailable. We make every effort to keep the lists up to date, but occasionally a plant is listed that never arrived. Email us at to verify availability for a specific plant.

Hemerocallis  "Adorable Tiger"
Hemerocallis  "Alabama Jubilee"
Hemerocallis  "Always Afternoon"
Hemerocallis  "Bella Lagosi"
Hemerocallis  "Bestseller"

                              Hemerocallis "Best Seller  Hemerocallis Best Seller
                                                                       24" tall stems with lavender petals hemmed by creamy ruffles;
                                                                       fragrant; prolific re-bloom; (tetraploid)

Hemerocallis  "Big Time Happy"
Hemerocallis  "Blaze of Glory"
Hemerocallis  "Buttered Popcorn"
Hemerocallis  "Callico Jack"

              Daylily Calico Jack   Hemerocallis "Callico Jack"

Hemerocallis  "Chicago Apache"
Hemerocallis  "Cosmopolitan"
Hemerocallis  "Daring Deception"
Hemerocallis  "Dessert Flame"
                                 Hemerocallis Desert Flame

Hemerocallis  "Divas Choice"
Hemerocallis  "Early Snow"
Hemerocallis  "Elegant Explosion"
Hemerocallis  "Entrapment"
Hemerocallis  "Erin Lea"
Hemerocallis  "Fire King"
Hemerocallis  "Fooled Me"
Hemerocallis  "Frosted Vintage Ruffles"
Hemerocallis  "Gentle Shepard"
Hemerocallis  "Happy Returns"
Hemerocallis  "Heavenly Flight of Angel"
Hemerocallis  "Hungry Eyes"
               Hemerocallis Hungry Eyes

Hemerocallis  "Hyperion"
Hemerocallis  "Isabella Marafi"
Hemerocallis  "Joan Senior"
Hemerocallis  "Judy, Judy"
                              Hemerocallis Judy Judy

Hemerocallis  "Lavender Blue Baby"
Hemerocallis  "Marque Moon"
Hemerocallis  "Mauna Lau"
Hemerocallis  "Mighty Chestnut"
Hemerocallis  "Moonlight Mascarade"
Hemerocallis  "Moses Fire"
Hemerocallis  "New Tangerine Twist"
                                    Hemerocallis New Tangerine Twist

Hemerocallis  "Night Embers"
Hemerocallis  "Nosferatu"
Hemerocallis  "Omomuki"
Hemerocallis  "Orange Smoothie"
                                 Daylily Orange Smoothie  Hemerocallis "Orange Smoothie"
Hemerocallis  "Pewter Pink"
Hemerocallis  "Pizza Crust"
Hemerocallis  "Primal Scream"
Hemerocallis  "Scottish Fantasy"
                  Daylily Scottish Fantasy   Hemerocallis "Scottish Fantasy"


Hemerocallis  "South Seas"
Hemerocallis  "Spacecoast Early Bird"
Hemerocallis  "Spacecoast Sea Shells"
Hemerocallis  "Stella d"Oro"
Hemerocallis  "Storm Shelter"
Hemerocallis  "Strawberry Candy"
Hemerocallis  "Sun Dried Tomatoes"

                                              Hemerocallis Sun Dried Tomatoes

Hemerocallis  "Sunday Gloves"
Hemerocallis  "Sweet Tart"
   Hemerocallis Sweet Tart  Hemerocallis "Sweet Tart"
   pie crust ruffles line the edge of light pinkish peach flowers; 26" tall

Hemerocallis  "Tangerine Twist"
Hemerocallis  "Tiger Swirl"
                                         Hemerocallis Tiger Swirl

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