Our Plants


Our new varieties for 2018 are listed in red.

Hemerocallis "Adorable Tiger"
Hemerocallis "Alabama Jubilee"
Hemerocallis  "Always Afternoon"
Hemerocallis  "Bella Lagosi"
Hemerocallis  "Bestseller"
Hemerocallis  "Blaze of Glory"
Hemerocallis  "Buttered Popcorn"
Hemerocallis "Callico Jack"
Daylily Calico JackHemerocallis Callico Jack
Hemerocallis  "Chicago Apache"
Hemerocallis  "Congo Coral"
Hemerocallis  "Cosmopolitan"
Hemerocallis  "Daring Deception"
Hemerocallis  "Divas Choice"
Hemerocallis  "Early Snow"
Hemerocallis  "Entrapment"
Hemerocallis  "Excellent!"
Hemerocallis  "Fire King"
Hemerocallis  "Fooled Me"
Hemerocallis  "Frosted Vintage Ruffles"
Hemerocallis  "Gentle Shepard"

Hemerocallis  "Happy Returns"
Hemerocallis  "Heavenly Flight of Angel"
Hemerocallis  "Holiday Song"
Hemerocallis  "Hyperion"
Hemerocallis  "Isabella Marafi"
Hemerocallis  "Janice Brown"
Hemerocallis  "Jolyene Nicole"
Hemerocallis  "Just Plum Happy"
Hemerocallis  "Lavender Blue Baby"
Hemerocallis  "Lavender Stardust"
Hemerocallis  "Marque Moon"
Hemerocallis  "Mauna Lau"
Hemerocallis  "Mighty Chestnut"

Hemerocallis "Monterrey Jack"
Hemerocallis "Moonlight Mascarade"
Hemerocallis  "Moses Fire"
Hemerocallis "Naughty Red"
Daylily Naughty RedHemerocallis Naughty Red
Hemerocallis "Night Embers"
Hemerocallis "Nosferatu"
Hererocallis "Omomuki"
Hemerocallis "Orange Smoothie"
Daylily Orange SmoothieHemerocallis Orange Smoothie
Hemerocallis  "Pewter Pink"
Hemerocallis "Pizza Crust"
Hemerocallis  "Primal Scream"
Hemerocallis "Scottish Fantasy"
Daylily Scottish FantasyHemerocallis Scottish Fantasy
Hemerocallis  "South Seas"
Hemerocallis  "Spacecoast Early Bird"
Hemerocallis  "Stella d"Oro"
Hemerocallis  "Strawberry Candy"
Hemerocallis  "Sunday Gloves"

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