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We grow all our own herbs and they are generally available beginning in late April. Perennial herbs are generally planted in 4" pots; annuals may be in packs or those same pots. Rosemary, own of our favorite plants, are produced in 4" pots and up, as well as hanging baskets. We also are growing herbs in combinations for windowsill gardening.

2021 Herb List

Please be aware that these lists comprise plants that we order from sources around the world in seed or unrooted cuttings; sometimes items from our orders are unavailable. We make every effort to keep the lists up to date, but occasionally a plant is listed that never arrived. Email us at wayside11@gmail.com to verify availability for a specific plant.

Basil  "Sweet Italian Lg. Leaf"
Chives, 'onion chives'
Dill  "Fern Leaf"
Fennel, Bronze  (Foeniculum vulg.)
Lavender ang. "Grosso"
Lavender ang. "Hidcote"
Lavender ang. "Munstead"
Mint  "Chocolate"
Mint  "Peppermint"
Mint spearmint "Kentucky Colonel"
Oregano  'Greek'
Parsley  "Italian" (flat-leaved)
Parsley  "Triple Curled"
Rosemary off.  "Tuscan Blue"
Sage  "Bergarten"
Sage  "Garden"
Tarragon  (Artemesia dracunculus)
Thyme  "English"
Thyme  "Silver-edged"
Thyme citrodorus "Lemon Thyme"


Vegetable Gardening.... Vigorous vegetable plants have greater needs: for sunlight, water and nitrogen. Be sure to give regular waterings all summer, and supplemental fertilizer! Weeds are relatively easy to control when small; much harder to deal with when they become established (they also can attract insect pests). Cultivating regularly with a hoe can make the garden more attractive and save time in the long run. Try to prevent weeds from going to seed; they will be back to plague your garden if you let them go. Applying a mulch may save labor, and will help provide a moister and more moderate soil environment as well as reducing the time taken weed.

Young transplants are available in 4 or 6-packs during the month of May for container and garden plantings. An answer to a popular question in 2020: No, you shouldn't plant tomatoes outside in April in our area - typical planting day for tomatoes is Memorial Day.

2021 Vegetable List:

Brocolli  "Destiny"
Brussel Sprouts  "Jade Cross"
Cabbage  "Golden Acre"
Cabbage  "Red Express"
Celery  "Tango"
Cucumber  "Pickling"
Cucumber  "Straight Eight
Eggplant  "Black Beauty"
Hot Pepper  "Habernero Orange"
Hot Pepper  "Jalapeno"
Kale  "Kalebration"
Kale  "Red Russian"
Kale  "Winterbor"
Lettuce  "Flashy Trout Back"   (romaine)
Lettuce  "Thurinus"   (romaine)
Pumpkin  "Howden"
Rhubarb  "Canada Red
Summer Squash  "Yellow Straightneck"
Sweet Pepper  "Lady Bell

Tomato  "Big Beef"    (Indeterminate)
Tomato  "Early Girl"  (Indeterminate.)
Tomato  "Husky Cherry Red"  (Determinate)
Tomato  "Jetstar"  (Indeterminate)
Tomato  "Mountain Fresh"  (Indeterminate)
Tomato  "New Girl"    (Indeterminate)
Tomato  "Roma"   (Determinate)
Tomato  "Sun Gold"    (Indeterminate)
Tomato  "Supersweet 100" (Indeterminate)
Tomato (heirloom) "Brandywine Red" (Indeterminate)
Watermelon  "Sugar Baby"
Winter Squash  " Autumn Acorn"
Winter Squash  "Blue Hubbard"
Winter Squash  " Butternut Waltham"
Zucchini  "Dark Green"

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