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Our new varieties are in red.

Please be aware that these lists comprise plants that we order from sources around the world in seed or unrooted cuttings; sometimes items from our orders are unavailable. We make every effort to keep the lists up to date, but occasionally a plant is listed that never arrived. Email us at to verify availability for a specific plant.

2019 Broadleaf Evergreen Shrub List

Kalmia "Bullseye" (mountain laurel)
Kalmia "Carousel"      (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Elf"        (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Minuet"    (Mountain Laurel)
   Kalmia Minuet  Kalmia "Minuet"
Kalmia "Olympic Fire"  (Mountain Laurel)
almia "Ostbo Red"    (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Peppermint"   (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Raspberry"    (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Sarah"        (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Snowdrift"    (Mountain Laurel)
Kalmia "Tiddlywinks"  (Mountain Laurel)
Pieris j."Mountain Fire" (Mtn.Andromeda)
Pieris jap. "Katsura"    (Mtn.Andromeda)
Rhododendron  "Ingred Mehlquist"
Rhododendron  "Nova Zembla"
Rhododendron  "P.J.M."
Rhododendron  "PJM Regal"
                Rhododenron PJM Regal  Rhododendron "PJM Regal"
Rhododendron  "Roseum Elegans"
Rhododendron  "Roseum Pink"
Rhododendron  "Trocadero"

2019 Shrub List

Clethra a. "Ruby Spice"
Forsythia  "Meadowlark"
Forsythia  "New Hampshire Gold"
                    Forsythia New Hampshire Gold
                      Forsythia "New Hampshire Gold": developed in NH; excellent
                      cold hardy shrub; sun, well drained soil; 4'-5'tall
Hydrangea arbor. "Annabelle"
Hydrangea panic. "Tardiva"
Hydrangea paniculata "Grandiflora"
Hydrangea paniculata "Great Star"
Hydrangea paniculata "Limelight"
Hydrangea paniculata "Little Lamb"
Hydrangea paniculata "Tickled Pink"
Hydrangea quircifolia  "Queen of Hearts"
Philadelphus  "Snowbelle"
    Philadelphus "Snowbelle"   Philadelphus Snow Belle
                             Also called Mock Orange for it's strongly scented sweet citrus fragrance;
                                              double white blossoms; 3'-4' tall; mid-late spring
                                               (Love this shrub!)
Philadelphus l. "Blizzard" (6'-8' tall)
Physocarpus op. "Summer Wine" (Ninebark)

  For our purposes, we differentiate those Rhododendrons, also known as Azaeas, into often fragrant, flowering, spring blooming shrubs that lose their leaves in winter. Broadleaf Rhododendrons, listed above in the Broadleaf Shrub category, are those with glossy dark green leaves that keep their leaves in winter. Our plants are hardy to our northern climate and may be different than those grown in the south.
Rhododendron  "Checkmate"   (azalea)
Rhododendron  "Gibraltar"  [azalea]
Rhododendron  "Lemon Drop"  [azalea]
Rhododendron  "Lemon Lights"  [azalea]
Rhododendron  "Lollipop"  [azalea]
      Rhododendron Lollipop  Rhododendron "Lollipop"
                                   3' tall; moist but well-drained soil; full sun to partial
                                   shade; rich, acidic soil; protect with mulch in winter
Rhododendron  "Mandarin Lights" [azalea]
Rhododendron  "Parade"  [azalea]
Rhododendron  "Rosy Lights" [azalea]
Rhododendron  "Westons Innococence"  [azalea]
Rhododendron  "White Lights"  [azalea]
Rhododendron "Red Demon"  [azalea]

Our roses are rugosa hybrids, grown on their own roots which make them hardy to our area. Most are fragrant and ever-blooming. Rosa rugosa, not a hybrid, is the variety of rose commonly found along the Maine coast; we do not carry it as we feel it is difficult to grow in our region unless it has the 'perfect' spot.
Rose, Hardy Shrub "Blanc De Coubert"
Rose, Hardy Shrub "High Voltage"
Rose, Hardy Shrub "Kashmir"
Rose, Hardy Shrub "My Girl"
Rose, Hardy Shrub "Ramblin' Red"
                                      Rose Ramblin Red
                                      Rose "Ramblin Red"  vigorous climber 6'-10' tall; full sun
                                      heavy clusters of semi-double 3"-4" true red blooms
Rose, Hardy Shrub "Snowdrift"
Rose, Hardy Shrub "Sunrise Sunset"
Rose, Hardy Shurb "Marie Bugnet"
Rose, Hardy Shurb "Rugosa Red"
Spirea japonica "Neon Flash"
Spirea japonica "Sundrop"
Syringa (Lilac) "Common Purple"
Syringa (Lilac) "Declaration" (red-purp)
Syringa (Lilac) "Miss Ellen Willmott"
Syringa (Lilac) "President Grevy"
Syringa (Lilac) "Wedgewood"  (true-blue)
Weigela "Red Prince"
Weigela "White Night"
Weigela f. "Variegata"

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