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Fresh fruit picked daily by the farm staff in season is available during the summer in the cooler at the Sales Building during regular business hours. Varieties will posted on our road sign and on Facebook.

Fresh picked fruit, vacuum sealed and frozen, is available for sale throughout the season as harvest allows.

Pick-your-own fruits - blueberries - may be available during the season and will be posted on our answering machine (603 284-6886), our road sign, and on Facebook.

Jams and jellies in two sizes made with our fruit are available in the sales building. There are numerous varieties to choose from: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, cran-raspberry, 3 berry, rhubarb, 4 berry, and cherry (with Michigan cherries).

Made exclusively for us by the ever popular Sandwich Creamery Ice Cream are varieties made with our fruits: honeyberry, raspberry, and strawberry rhubarb.

We are now proud to offer local wines from Hermit Woods Winery and Sap House Meadery made with our fruit! Two favorite varieties are: Hermit Woods Strawberry Rhubarb - Great Northern Berries strawberries and a touch of whole organic rhubarb fermented together into a surprisingly light and refreshing wine with a mouthwatering tang and lingering dryness (augmented by a wine made from local Autumn berries). Enjoy this medium sweetness wine with salads and lighter fare; and Sap House Raspberry Mead, made with a ‘ridiculous’ amount of Great Northern Berries raspberries and honey, this mead is a sweet dessert mead!

And just in this year is a Honeyberry Wine from Hermit Woods Winery! You have to try it!


The Dessert Table, Wendy's Home Bakery Business, offers fresh-baked pies and an assortment of scones, muffins, cookies, and other treats every weekend. The freezer in the sales building always has a ready supply of baked goods for you to take home and eat when you want. Special orders are welcome: contact Wendy at wendy7701@hotmail.com or call 707-7456.


Please be aware that due to Federal Food Safety Guideline Rules for sanitation in public orchards, pets must be strictly prohibited from areas where we are growing and producing fruit for consumption by the public. We do like animals as evidenced by Ben's pet goats which are kept separated from food production areas, but your safety is far more important. Thanks for your cooperation!

Ben and pet goats



Updated 02/06/18.