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Great Northern Berries




Wayside Farm has always offered fruit (berry) plants. After preliminary groundwork and a great deal of research to establish a small orchard offering a variety of fruit plants, fresh fruit, and pick-your-own fruit, Great Northern Berries became a reality in early 2013, producing interesting, high quality, fully hardy berry plants for sale to northern gardeners at a fair price. Our plant offerings include a number of great selections of High Bush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum), Raspberry (Rubus idaeus), Strawberry, Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa or Chokeberry), Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), and the best assortment of Honeyberries (Lonicera caerulea) in the region.

Recent additions to our growing orchard are selected varieties of Dwarf Bush Sour Cherry and Lingonberry plants. Our plants are grown for their hardiness and vigor in our area. Many of our berry plants have been selected for production and harvest in the wine industry as well as offering potted plants for sale. We are pursuing a liquor license and hope to be able to offer bottled wine from local wineries made with local berries!

Some varieties are available for shipping in small plant size. For more information, please go to our website at Great Northern Berries .


Great Northern Berry Plant List

Aronia mel. "Viking"       (chokeberry)

Blackberry "Chester" (summer; thornless)

Blueberry  "Bluecrop"
Blueberry  "Blueray"
Blueberry  "Chandler"
Blueberry  "Duke"
Blueberry  "Earliblue"
Blueberry "Elliot"
Blueberry  "Jersey"
Blueberry "Mini Blues"
Blueberry  "North Country"

Blueberry  "Northblue"
Blueberry  "Northland"
Blueberry  "Patriot"
Blueberry  "Razz"
Blueberry  "Reka"
Blueberry  "Spartan"
Blueberry "Top Hat"
Blueberry, lowbush (Vaccinium angust.)

Cherry (sweet)  "Bing"
Cherry (tart) "Carmine Jewel" (bush cherry)
Cherry (tart)  "Evans Bali"
Cherry (tart)  "Sweet Cherry Pie"

Crabapple   "Dolgo"

Grape "Bluebell" (blue table type)
Grape "Fronenac Gris" (white wine type)
Grape "Marquette" (red wine type)

Honeyberry  "Aurora"
Honeyberry  "Berry Blue"
Honeyberry  "Blue Bird"
Honeyberry  "Blue Forest"
Honeyberry  "Blue Hokkaido"
Honeyberry "Blue Mist"
Honeyberry "Blue Moon"
Honeyberry  "Blue Nova"
Honeyberry "Blue Pacific"
Honeyberry "Blue Pagoda"
Honeyberry "Blue Sea"
Honeyberry  "Blue Sky"

Honeyberry "Blue Velvet"
Honeyberry  "Borealis"
Honeyberry  "Cinderella"
Honeyberry "Erin"
Honeyberry "Evie"
Honeyberry  "Honey Bee"
Honeyberry  "Indigo Gem"
Honeyberry  "Indigo Treat"
Honeyberry "Keiko" (haskap)
Honeyberry "Larisa"
Honeyberry  "Polar Jewel"
Honeyberry "Taka" (haskap)
Honeyberry "Tana" (haskap)
Honeyberry  "Tundra"

Lycium barbatum (Goji berry)


Prunus cerasus  "Carmine Jewel"
Prunus cerasus  "Crimson Passion"

Raspberry  "Anne" (fall bearing yellow)
Raspberry  "Niwot" (fall; black)
Raspberry  "Nova"  (midsummer red)
Raspberry  "Polana" (fall bearing red)
Raspberry  "Prelude" (early summer red)

Rhubarb "Canada Red"

Sambucus nigra "Samdal"     (elderberry)
Sambucus nigra "Samyl"      (elderberry)

Saskatoon  "Northline"

Strawberry "Albion"     (everbearing)
Strawberry "Portula"   (everbearing)
Strawberry "San Andreas"   (everbearing)

Vaccinium vitis-idaea  "Koralle" (lingonberry)


Updated 02/06/18